About Bonjournl

Meet Joey and Lucy

Photograph by Tathiana Pedicini

Hello! My name is Joey and I am the founder of Bonjournl. I am a husband, father, and a software developer with 10 years of professional experience, and have a passion for building tools which genuinely improve the lives of others.

I became a first time father right as lock downs were happening across the world. It was a difficult time to adjust to so many life changes at once. I reached a breaking point about halfway through that first year and was taken to the ER for self-inflicted wounds. Since that time I decided that I wanted to help new dads be the dads that they want to be.

Recently begun to dive deep into spiritual learning, therapy, inner child healing, and general mindfulness. Part of that process has involved a lot of writing and journaling and reflection. I started by training myself to write whenever I sense my mind starting to wander. That then turned into a daily practice of writing down my thoughts and feelings.

The problem I started to run into was that I was writing in a lot of different places. I had a journal, a Notion notebook, Google Docs, and a few other places where I was writing. I wanted to consolidate all of that into one place, and I wanted to be able to share it with others, and share my wisdom with Lucy as she grows up.

That's where Bonjournl comes in; I initially wanted a place where I could share learned wisdom with Lucy as she gets older. We share the same birthday she is exactly 28 years younger than me. What do I want her to know about me, about herself, about the world, when she turns 28? The problem I have with most social media or blogging platforms is that they are not designed for long form writing. They are also not designed to be shared in the long term future. Those were problems I wanted to solve with Bonjournl.

Features that set Bonjournl apart:

  • Lightweight and simple to use.
  • Your data is end to end encrypted.
  • Your data won't be sold. We don't and will never have any ads.
  • Landing Page is a blank slate writing area that resets every day.
  • Supports markdown for quick and non-intrusive formatting.
  • Share to your private journal or share with the Bonjournl community.
  • Runs on the web, or can be downloaded and installed on android, iOS, Mac, and Windows.
  • Daily writing prompts (taken fromA Year of Spiritual Awakening by Bela Divine).

I hope you enjoy the site, and I hope you find it useful. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to reach out to me atjoey@codecompass.org

Future Plans:

  • Export your journal to PDF, EPUB, and HTML formats.
  • Store your journal locally on your device instead of the server.
  • iOS app for easy access on Apple devices.
  • Dark mode for a more comfortable reading experience.
  • Add ability to store voice memos to journal posts.
  • Improve the post range slider for better navigation.
  • Enhance the UI, especially for desktop users with image view.